Window Cleaning Stratford Upon Avon

Regular Window Cleaning in Stratford Upon Avon from Square Cleaners

Sit back and relax while your windows are washed and polished as part of our regular window cleaning service in Stratford Upon Avon – the British Window Cleaning Academy have certified us to help you. Our quality has been recognised by customers past and present and as a result, we’ve received the highest rate of reviews online. Remember that by using us on a consistent basis you benefit from special rates! Get your very own free, no-obligation quote now over the phone or online from an expert adviser.

Regular Window Services Which Give You:

  • Written confirmations – with every booking by email or SMS, choose the option that’s most convenient for you
  • Special discounts – for advance bookings, regular services and package deals
  • FREE, no-obligation quotes – available round-the-clock over our 24/7 live chat and hotlines. No deposit is required!
  • Key pick-up and delivery – if you can’t be on-site during your regular window services
  • All week availability – book us on weekends and Bank Holidays for no extra charge

Remember that weekly appointment come with a 50% discount, fortnightly with 50%, monthly with 35%, every 6 weeks 30%, bi-monthly with 25% and every 3 months with 15%. Otherwise, qualify for a discount by scheduling services in combination. For instance, you could check out our gutter cleaning or patio cleaning.

Window Cleaning Stratford Upon Avon

Regular Commercial Window Cleaning Suitable For All

Use us on all kinds of properties. However, please take note that the discounts that have been previously mentioned are only applicable to residentially based customers. If you require regular commercial window cleaning you’ll need to arrange a viewing from the team.

Steps Taken During Your Regular Window Cleaning

A combination of purified water and our refined water-fed pole cleaning method will be used to wash your windows. Purified water has been de-mineralised and as a result actively absorbs all the dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. In fact if it’s applied to your windows on a regular basis it will have a sterilising effect! This water is sprayed onto your window from a brush-head which is connected to a 22m telescopic pole that in turn is attached to a water supply in our van. A technician will move the brush from side-to-side ensuring that every inch of glass is sprayed. Once this is done your windows will be given a final rinse and left to dry naturally. Don’t worry about streaks – purified water contains no mineral deposits and therefore none can be left behind. Any internal window cleaning you require will be completed using a traditional squeegee and ladder.Do you need regular conservatory cleaning in Stratford Upon Avon too? No problem, we’ll use the same techniques to get the job done.

Square Window Cleaners in Stratford Upon Avon Ready to Help

It doesn’t matter whether you need us on a weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday we’ll be there at no extra charge. The Square Window Cleaners in Stratford Upon Avon will bring gear including a 22m water-fed pole that can reach up to the fourth floor of a building, purified water and a traditional squeegee and ladder ideal for interior window washing. Remember that you’ll need to ensure we can get parking within 30 metres of your building so our equipment can be used properly.

Connect with Square Window Cleaners Stratford Upon Avon day or night on 024 7735 0042. Quotes are free and are instantly available through our website’s contact form, we also keep the chat feature running non-stop.

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